Want a personalized hair color but you’re not sure what is best for your hair. That’s why we offer consultations.


Consultations in person

Are the best option if you can come to our studio. They are free of charge, but you have to make an appointment. You need to let us know when you would come to leave enough time for us to attend to you.

At consultations in the studio, we can provide the most precise information regarding your hair, the work plan and everything that needs to be done with the hair in order to get the color or look you imagined.

Besides that, you get information on how much time you should spend on coloring and/or treatment and, of course, how much it would all cost.


Online consultations

We offer online consultations if you are not able to come to us for consultations in person.

Contact us on Viber, WhatsApp or Instagram and we will do an online consultation. Follow the next steps below to send us everything we need for an online consultation.

01 Step

Photograph the length and color of the hair

Send us photos of your hair in natural light, if possible, where the current color and length can be clearly seen. It is important that the photos are realistic without filters and effects in order to see the condition of the hair best.
Konsultacije Makeover Studio fotografiši dužinu i boju kose
02 Step

Photograph the root of the hair

Send us a photo of the root of the hair so we know if it needs to be colored or not. The more photos the better.
Konsultacije Makeover Studio fotografiši koren kose
03 Step

Hair coloring history

If your current hair color is not your natural color, it is very important for us to know what you did with your hair before you contacted us. Write to us if you colored it, bleached it and how, if you used henna or some other hair colors, or if you did it yourself. This step is very important for online consultations, because we are not able to see and feel your hair, and the more we know about it, the more precise information we can give you.
image 22
04 Step

Desired result

You should send us a photo of the desired result, i.e. of what you want to get after the coloring or the treatment. You can look at some of our works or find inspiration on the Internet.
Konsultacije Makeover Studio rezultat


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