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In need of perfectly styled hair for an important occasion, a wedding, a public performance or something else? Our team of hairstylists is here to make your wishes come true.

At the Makeover Studio, hairstyles are much more than blow-drying. Our hairstylists are here to style your hair following the latest trends. Book an appointment and leave yourself to the expert hands of our hairstylists.

Makeover hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, our hairstylists can do it all. Hollywood waves, all types of buns, braids, slicked-back ponytails, are just some of the hairstyles you can do with us. In a maximum of 60 minutes, you will leave the studio with a hairstyle that can last all night.

Bridal hairstyles

Styling wedding hairstyles is something our team particularly enjoys. It is enough to come to us with a picture of the wedding dress and the hairstyle you want, so that our hairstylist will create your perfect hairstyle.

After styling your hair, you will get tips on how to make it fit perfectly with your dress. At the ceremony, you will shine with a hairstyle beautiful from all angles.


Whether you want a high, low, messy, sleek or elegant bun, one thing is for sure - it will stay put until you decide to take it off. And while you're taking it off, think about how beautiful it was, because we're sure you'll be cursing us while you're taking out the hairpins 🙂

Ponytail hairstyles

Slicked or loose, high or low, with or without extensions – ponytails are a great choice if you like your hair up. This hairstyle is the one with which you’re sure to dominate, whatever the occasion.

How to get the perfect hairstyle

After you sit in the chair, your Makeover stylist will guide you through the whole process. And what does it look like?


In order to help your hair be cooperative while styling it, our suggestion is to wash it before you come to us. It would be ideal if you washed it the night before so it had enough time to rest and be ready for styling. It goes without saying that we can do it before the styling in the studio, but the hair that is washed a day before is much easier to shape and the hairstyle lasts longer.


It is enough to come to us with an idea, or a photo of the hairstyle you want. Our hairstylist is here to adjust that hairstyle to your hair type and give you suggestions if needed.

Done hairstyle

And that’s that! The hairstyle is done, and you’re ready to relax because you know that it will last the whole night and look beautiful from each and every angle.

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Book a hairstyle appointment and leave it to the professionals

After you book your appointment, we’ll send all additional information to your email.

Appointment is yours

Never can it happen that you show up and your appointment is taken. We at Makeover Studio take appointment scheduling seriously to eliminate any stress.

No delays

Never can it happen that the makeup artist is late, doing something else during your appointment, or anything like that. You will surely be ready in time.

Perfect hairstyle

Our goal is that you leave the studio fully satisfied. Our hairstylists will listen to your wishes, give you suggestions when necessary, keeping in mind the hairstyle that you imagined. Never can you leave the studio with loose-back ponytail and you wanted slicked.


What our clients say

Jelena Cendic
Jelena Cendic
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Hvala vam sto ste učinili da izgledam prelepo i za venčanje i za post wedding fotografisanje. Šminka je stajala ceo dan i izgledala je baš onako kako sam zamislila. Frizura je ispala i bolje nego što sam želela, tako da se nisam pokajala što sam obe usluge odabrala kod vas, već bih vas svima preporučila, jer na jednom mestu dobijete kompletno sređivanje. I hvala puno Mileni što mi je izašla u susret za šminkanje ponedeljkom ❣️
Ivana Barišić
Ivana Barišić
Read More
Devojke su profesionalne ,brze, ljubazne i nasmejane, frizura i šminka za venčanje su mi bili kao iz snova , postojana ceo dan , a što je najbolje lako sam skinula uveče i jedno i drugo! Zaista sve pohvale, radujem se novom susretu i saradnji ❤
Aleksandra Zivkovic
Aleksandra Zivkovic
Read More
Preporuka za Makeover studio, pravi profesionalci u svom poslu. Uvek izdajem iz studija oduševljena izgledom kose i šminkom. Kosa mi je nikad lepša od kada oni brinu o njoj. Hvala od srca celom Makeover timu, najbolji ste!
Katarina Kutlešić
Katarina Kutlešić
Read More
Jednostavno najbolji! I šminkeri i frizeri će uraditi baš ono što ste zamislili i na najbolji mogući način istaći vašu lepotu. Šminka traje dok je ne skinete sami, a nećete je osetiti na licu. A što se tiče frizure, nikad nisam izašla zadovoljnija sa farbanja od frizera. Posebne pohvale za Milenu i Nikolu. Imaju magiju u rukama definitivno!😍✨

Along with a hairstyle - book a makeup appointment, too!

Makeover studio gives you the opportunity to get both makeup and hair done in one place.

We will do your makeup to best suit your hairstyle, and we will match the whole look with the occasion and the outfit you will wear.

So, in just 2 hours, you can leave our studio completely ready to dominate wherever you go.

Group appointments

In the Makeover Studio, it is possible for 6 girls to finish both their makeup and hairstyle at the same time in just 2 hours. 

During your 2-hour stay with us, the entire studio is yours – just like in a movie. You will remember and retell this experience, and so will our team with you.

Book an appointment for yourself, your mom, girlfriends or your maid-of-honor and experience something unforgettable on your big day.

Save your nerves

Making a hairstyle for special occasions at home can last for hours, often fall apart, fade, and is difficult to fix. In our studio, there is no stress, you get a professionally styled hairstyle that is precisely what you imagined.

Save your time

We respect your time as if it was ours. Never can it happen that you come on time and your appointment is taken by somebody else. From the moment you sit in the chair, to the finished hairstyle, it often takes even less than one hour.

Shine on the photos

One thing's for sure - you won't be able to stop taking pictures once we're done with your hair. And the best thing is that you will look fantastic in every photo.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The prices of hairstyles start from 1000 dinars and up, all depending on the length of your hair and what you want to do with it.

We always allow an hour for an appointment, but for most hairstyles we will need much less than that.

Yes, it is best to wash your hair the day or night before your hair appointment. The hair is then much better and more suitable for styling, hairstyles are easier to make and last longer when the hair is washed the day before than when it is washed before making the hairstyle itself. Hair after washing, even though it is dried with a hair dryer, is still moist and silky, i.e. fluffy and not suitable for styling.

There are really no rules for this. Hairstyles are usually booked with makeup. Dates for weddings are booked as soon as possible, i.e. as soon as you know the schedule for other things, because brides always need morning appointments at weekends. It often happens that one bride book an appointment for a couple of other people and then all colleagues’ appointments are filled. So the advice is to book hair and makeup appointment for such important occasions as soon as possible.



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