Do your
own makeup

You love makeup and making yourself more beautiful but your makeup simply doesn’t look so good? You’re continually buying makeup that you don’t use, but you still feel something is missing? Personalized course “Do your own makeup” will make your makeup immaculate every single time. For just one day, you’ll learn how to apply makeup in a quick, simple and the right way for your face shape. With our help – YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!

“Do your own makeup”

You’re following makeup tutorials and wonder what you are doing wrong, because the makeup on your face simply doesn’t look good. You have the feeling that makeup makes you look older. You’re constantly buying new makeup (which you don’t use), and it usually expires. You don’t want to spend an hour on applying makeup with which you’re not satisfied in the end. Everything you want is to learn how to apply makeup easily and quickly, to look younger and to be beautiful to yourself.

“Do your own makeup”

You’ve finally learned how to apply makeup to fit your facial features and the shape of your eyes. In just 15 minutes you can put on perfect daily makeup which can be just as easily turned into an evening look. Now, your make-up kit contains products that you actually use and that suit your skin type. You are satisfied, makeup does not burden you, it has become a ritual that you enjoy. Every morning you leave your apartment with professional makeup.

How to become your own makeup artist?

With our makeup educator, in just one day, in our studio, you will learn to apply makeup both for the day and for the evening. You will stop spending money on products that do not suit you and you will receive recommendations for products that do.


As we’re about to spend a whole day together (4-5 hours), it’s only natural to get to know each other first. 🙂 Along with coffee and refreshments, your makeup educator will ask you a series of questions in order to understand your relationship to makeup better. What is it that is giving you trouble and do you want to practice any technique in particular - for example, drawing eyeliner or applying red lipstick perfectly.

What’s in your makeup kit?

We suggest you bring your makeup kit with yourself. We’ll look into it together and advise you what you need to get rid of. You’ll get recommendations for products that are within your budget, and you will learn on which products you can save money, and on which it’s a good idea to spend some more.

Practicing makes perfect

The rest of the training we spend on practicing. Step by step. The educator firstly applies makeup on one side of your face, guiding you through the process, after which you apply makeup on the other side of your face. Your makeup educator is there to answer any questions you might have throughout the whole training. Filling in the eyebrows, adequate contouring for your face shape, correct eye shadow application that suits your eye shape, are just some of the things we’ll practice together. There will be no more uneven complexion, wrong choice of foundation or blush.

Kako se nasminkati obuka

What you get


All necessary makeup for training is provided at our studio.

Makeup script

You will get a script with a detailed plan and program of the training at the very beginning of the course. You can always return to the script so as to remind yourself of the things we did.

Personalized recommendation of products

Together we will make a shopping list of the makeup products that you need (In accordance with your budget)

Facebook community

After the training, we continue our communication and socializing in a closed FB group. There we chat on the topic of makeup products, share experiences and tips and are always there to help you if you have a makeup dilemma.


We present you Jelena and Ivana, professional makeup artists and your future educators. Their many years of experience in the field of education makes them excellent educators. They will guide you through the training in a very clear and systematic way.
Jelena Tasic 1

Jelena Tašić

Ivana Todorovic 1

Ivana Todorović

Who is ‘’Do your own makeup’’ training for?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can see the price of the ” Do your own makeup ” training by clicking on the “Book Online” button. There you will also see the available dates for training, so you can easily choose the one that suits you best.
This type of education with us is one day long and lasts between 4 and 5 hours, depending on your pace of work.
This type of training is exclusively individual with us. The educator is there to show you how to adjust the makeup for your face and eye shape, and they are 100% dedicated to you.
Absolutely not, because all the makeup for the training is provided, but we definitely advise that if you own some makeup and accessories, bring it so that they can see what is good and what needs to be replaced. During the training, you will receive a personalized list of products that you should purchase.


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